Lucy Nagle at Brown Thomas


I’m delighted to announce that the new Lucy Nagle Designs cashmere range is on display at Brown Thomas, Ireland’s top retail outlet, for the whole month of September.


The Create initiative is a pop up shop that gives Irish fashion designers the chance to showcase their ranges. I met Shelly Corkery, the head buyer for Brown Thomas and showed her my samples. She then invited me to take part in the initiative.


The Create initiative was officially opened on August 27th, and my clothes are displayed on the first floor of Brown Thomas, alongside 12 other designers. On the rail, you’ll see my name and a short bio telling you about my fashion background. The clothes will be on display until the end of September.


My display features a selection of the most popular items in my cashmere collection, which are all made to my own design. There are 12 items in total on display, featuring four different styles with three colour schemes for each style.


It’s a versatile range with a mix of casual and dressy sweaters and cardigans. The dressier ones with lurex details on the shoulder are going down well with customers.  Fuchsia pink and navy and blue are the most popular colour combinations.


The brilliant thing about displaying my clothes in Brown Thomas is that I can attract regular Brown Thomas customers, who value luxury and unique designs. Brown Thomas is the ultimate place to be for anyone involved in high end design. It fits with my brand too – the idea of offering clothing that you can’t find on the high street.


Being involved with Create has given me lots of media coverage, which shows people that my brand is trustworthy, with a good reputation. When they take that plunge and buy a piece of cashmere from the website, they’ll be rewarded with a unique, luxurious piece of clothing that will be part of their wardrobe for years.



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