We chatted to the award-winning fashion writer, stylist and best-selling author of The Happy Closet and The Happy medium, Annmarie O'Connor about her unique style. 
What's your style philosophy?
"Know thyself and dress accordingly." Actually, it was Epictetus who said that but I second the motion!
What are you always drawn to?
I'm paradoxically drawn to clean, architectural lines and colourful vintage prints. 
Who influences your style?
Fashion icon, Jenna Lyons
My go-to weekday outfit?
I work at home, so it's generally something casual like a funnel neck COS sweatshirt and a jersey pencil skirt with trainers. 
How do you make you look your own?
I stick to certain styles and shapes in various colourways and prints: block heel shoes, culotte trousers, pencil and A-line skirts, tailored jackets, maxi dresses. It's a handy hack for dressing with ease.
If you could only wear one label, which one would it be?
Dries Van Noten
Any styling tips or secrets that get you through?
Opposites attract. I dial down a dress with a leather or military jacket and trainers. 
What do you wear your Lucy Nagle with? 
I wear my Lucy Nagle sweater with frayed jeans. I also love cashmere scarves with a blazer, T-shirt and leather culottes.