The little black dress is one of the most versatile staples in a woman’s wardrobe to be dressed up or down. Originally coined by Coco Chanel, it has become the go-to for some of the most iconic women in the public eye. A black cashmere sweater allows for the same versatility while maintaining temperature regulation, perfect for summer evening wear or volatile weather.

It’s also the ideal wardrobe staple to pack for your summer holiday. Most of us will be flocking to sandy beaches, basking in the sun but a black sweater still has its place on a beach holiday. Although we all pray to the weather gods a week before departure, no one is guaranteed perfect weather everyday - keep it casual for a day of indoor activity by pairing it with your favourite jeans or leggings and sneakers or even boots.



A simple black sweater can be dressed up in many different ways, paired with neutral accessories. One of the most elegant looks emerging from this trend is pairing your black sweater with your favourite skirt - the style works with both long, flowing and form fitting skirts. 

Those who are more adventurous experiment with eye-catching patterns and edgy colours.



For a more classic look, a black sweater can be paired with neutral colours and your favourite set of chunky jewellery.



High-waisted shorts and pants have made a come-back and can give any black sweater a sophisticated edge highlighting a lady-like silhouette


One is never over-dressed or under dressed with a Little Black Cashmere Sweater.