Comfort is key when travelling, whether in an aeroplane or car, the trick is to find an outfit that fits loosely with breathable material. Quality is an important aspect of searching for the perfect travel outfit - soft, durable and preferably material that doesn't wrinkle.
Pockets are ALWAYS a plus, particularly when traveling and trying to manage your passport, and need a free hand at any given moment. Although you might be tempted to wear your oldest, yet undeniably comfortable pair of lounge pants, god forbid your luggage gets lost. You will be stuck in the same outfit for at least 24 hours while you scramble to find a solution. Our Waffle Lounge sets are the perfect stylish travelling outfit without compromising comfort...or pockets!
The colour palette trend of 2021 is pastel - bright, fresh shades that are simple and versatile. As we transition from our lockdown comfort clothes, the Lucy x Vogue collection is the perfect set - easy to mix and match for those who delve into the colour blocking trend. 
 100% cotton tracksuits in four pastel colours, perfect for Spring and
Summer and light enough to travel in!