There is no better feeling than slipping on your favourite cashmere jumper, feeling the smooth fibres hug your body. The feeling can only be summed up as ultimate comfort and luxury. As summer approaches we tend to neatly fold away our cashmere at the back of the wardrobe to make way for light floral dresses and brighter colours. What if you could bring back your favourite cashmere pieces for summer?

Cashmere is a natural fabric which means it can maintain consistent body temperature allowing your skin to breathe. Cashmere doesn't have to be a chunky, oversized sweater. A loose, light-weight cashmere top in bright colours can be perfectly paired with your favourite pair of shorts or a skirt. 

A cardigan is the perfect piece to throw over your summer dress when the sun goes down and the belted cardigan sinches at the waist to add some shape. Layering your summer outfit with a lightweight cashmere piece is the perfect way to deal with the volatile Irish weather.


If you’re lucky enough to have a sunny day at the beach a longer cashmere piece is the perfect bikini cover-up. Of course our everyday sweater range is a closet staple that can easily be dressed up with a mid-length skirt or leather pants, heels and your favourite chunky jewelry pieces.

Our sleeveless polo cashmere piece is the perfect statement piece  to pair with denim if you are looking to add a pop of colour. Basic V-neck and round-neck t-shirts are the perfect summer staple to pair with bright, floral skirts and bold shorts. 

Use your cashmere pieces to inject some colour into your summer wardrobe. Cashmere is an investment - don't discount it in summer