Merino wool fibers are very fine, resulting in wool that’s softer, lighter and more flexible.

Our Merino wool garments flow with your body’s natural movements in a way that just feels right. Of course merino wool requires a little more TLC so we have laid out the essentials of Merino wool care.

  1. Our Merino wool garments are machine washable on a cold delicate cycle (0 to 20 degrees celcius). 

  2. If using a powdered detergent, dissolve it in a little water first to prevent detergent settling on the fabric which can cause holes.

  3. Wash your Merino wool items separately where possible. If not, then avoid washing them with other items that have a zip.

  4. Do not use fabric softeners because these can also encourage bobbling by helping the fibres move to the surface easier.

  5. The best way to dry your Merino wool clothing is by laying it flat on a towel and flipping it from time to time. 

  6. Alternatively you can hang it to dry over a chair or bannister. 

  7. Don’t dry on or near heat or in direct sunlight as the heat may cause it to shrink. 

  8. Dont wring out the garment as this will stretch the wool.


It is important to let wool garments rest between wears for at least 24 hours. This gives the natural resilience and spring in the wool fiber time to recover and return to its original shape.