So, you've bought your forever piece of Lucy Nagle? But now what.... 

you need to know how to care for it, because cashmere yarn came from very special goats, so you need to treat it extra-special. A little TLC is all it needs for a lifetime of wears with pretty much everything in your wardrobe (evening looks included!).

1. Hand-wash

Forget dry-cleaning - did you know, all those harsh chemicals can actually harm your sweaters. And, cashmere gets softer in time if you hand-wash it right. Who knew, right?! First, turn this beauty inside out. And make sure you're washing it in a bowl or sink that has no other detergents or food remnants that may harm the fabric. Then, use a delicate shampoo or wool or cashmere-care wash made specifically for hand-washing and only in lukewarm water, never hot (No warmer than 30 degrees). Press out the water - never wring it - then roll it up like a sleeping bag in a towel to remove some water. Then, lay it flat and re-shape it on a towel until it's dry. A good tip is to fold it in tissue paper once you think it is dry to really make sure all the excess moisture is gone. Oh, and avoid drying near radiators or sunlight, letting it air-dry is best. 

2. Never hang it

This will distort its beautiful shape. Instead, fold each side inwards by a third, then smooth down the arms, and fold it in half. This avoids any creases forming down the centre. 

3. De-pill (but not too regularly) 

Pilling is a natural characteristic of the long fibres used to make cashmere. It's as 100% normal as our cashmere is 100% quality cashmere wool. Use one of our cashmere combs to keep your sweater looking as perfect as it should. Remember, this sweater was made from the super-soft hair of a goat, and just like us, this hair needs to be groomed. Pick one up on our online store for €4.95 and go on, give it a little brush from time-to-time, but make sure, to remove lint, fuzz, and hair, you only stroke in one direction.

4. Storing

We all know, living in the Irish weather means our wardrobes are not exactly defined by cool-weather and warm-weather. We doubt you'll ever get a chance to store our sweaters – some of them are so lightweight and breathable, you can wear them all-year-round. But if you do, make sure you clean them first before you pack them away. So that means, no perfume, food or body lotions remain on it, otherwise, they can attract moths. Try to wrap some tissue paper between the folds and pack away in a sealed plastic container. 

5 Avoid too many accessories

While we love a metal bangle around here, it's important to note that too much metal jewellery, metal on bag straps or even harsh leather accessories may cause additional pilling and damage to your cashmere. 

And that it is, my friend! Happy cashmere wearing, washing and storing